Community Spotlight: Orest Danylewycz


At Postman, we value all of our innovative and enthusiastic users around the globe, and we wouldn’t be able to keep improving our API platform without hearing directly from them. With our incredible community of more than 17 million developers continuing to grow, this Community Spotlight series introduces some of the Postman Community forum stars who help keep the world of APIs connected and on its toes. In this post, meet Orest Danylewycz.

Postman Community Spotlight
Orest Danylewycz
Cleveland, OH, United States

Postman Community Forum Profile

Member Since
October 2019

Information Security Engineer

Westfield Insurance

@Dev_Odyssey on Twitter
Dev Odyssey on YouTube

Member Stats
Orest is currently ranked the #3 most engaged member of the Postman Community forum. He’s sent more than 140 replies to questions and has read 1,400 posts in the last year.

“My motivation comes from years of learning software development and APIs from the internet and from colleagues. Both have been generous enough to share their time and knowledge with me, so I can learn everything related to APIs. After learning so much, I’ve wanted to give back the same knowledge that I was taught to the community at large. I recently got into Postman at work, as we were transitioning testing tools. Since then, I decided to join the Community forum and share everything I know—and the new things I continue to learn. It’s been a rewarding journey to see others achieve their IT and career goals with the help I’ve offered through my YouTube videos and within the Postman Community. It’s an infectious feeling.”

Read Orest’s super insightful Postman Visualizer: More Than Meets the Eye guest post on the Postman blog. He also creates helpful educational videos about Postman on his YouTube channel, Dev Odyssey.

If you want to interact with other interesting API folks like Orest, we’ve got just the place for you. The Postman Community forum is a welcoming place to openly ask questions and share API experiences. Join the conversation: You can check out what’s being discussed and become a member here.

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