Introducing Team Discovery


Teams are increasingly using Postman to collaborate on APIs. With team workspaces and collections, you can discuss and contribute to API projects in conjunction with stakeholders, all within the same environment as your development and testing. To streamline API collaboration in Postman, we are excited to introduce the new team discovery feature. When your colleagues log in to Postman, they can now find potential teams to join within your organization. This facilitates onboarding, making it straightforward for contributors to get involved, amplifying your teams’ ability to co-ordinate and organize around an API, and creating a familiar workflow in line with existing project management and productivity tools.

What’s new

You can already add collaborators in Postman by including email addresses or sending links via your workspace invite process. As team and company sizes grow, this manual flow of course starts to present an overhead. With team discovery, new users can see teams to join when they access their Postman accounts. Anyone signing in with a company email address is presented with available teams and can make a request to join each one—administrators will receive a notification and can approve or deny access from there. This added level of automation makes Postman’s collaboration options more discoverable to new users, and allows your team participation to scale up along with your successful API projects.

Team discovery for admins

If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to create a team in order to allow other users to join it.

Create Team

Configure your team and create it.

Configure Team

You can enable team discovery for any team by navigating to its settings—selecting the team and choosing Team Settings, or navigating to Your Team and choosing View Team Settings.

Team Overview

Your Team Settings provide various configuration options, together with an overview of current members. You’ll find the team discovery setting at the end of the General section.

Enable Team Discovery

Enabling discovery makes your team available for users accessing Postman with your company or organization email domain.

Managing team access

When a new user makes a request to join your team, as administrator, you’ll receive an email notification. You can approve or deny any requests from your team management dashboard.

Approve Team Request

Discovery for team members

When you login to Postman using a verified email address for your company or organization, you can see available teams to join by navigating to Your Team.

Find Teams

You will see a list of available teams within your org.

Team List

Select any team you want to join.

Choose Team

Confirm that you want to make a request to join the team.

Request Join

Your team administrator will receive a notification that you’ve asked to join the team. When they approve the request, you will be able to access the team and collaborate on API projects within it.

Powering your API collaboration

By fully utilizing Postman’s team management options, you can enable stakeholders to contribute to your API projects, whatever role each user is occupying. Collaboration in Postman includes the ability to edit, review, and comment on all aspects of an API, allowing you to maximize on the skills and perspectives available within your organization. Team discovery lets you take another step towards automating the development and communication strategy around your APIs, allowing you to focus on the business problems you’re leveraging Postman to prioritize.

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