How We Build Learning Experiences Inside Postman


Learning about APIs is hard, whether you’re trying to get yourself up and running with a specific API or just want to…

Insider Tips for DevOps, Testing, and Automation


At the Postman Galaxy virtual API conference in February 2021, I had the opportunity to host the “DevOps, Test, and Automation” panel…

New Public Workspace: Now You Can Take API Trainings in Postman


There really is no end to the subject matter you can learn and teach when it comes to APIs. For the first…

A New Way to Learn API Basics with Postman and Glitch


Okay, I may be biased because I work as a developer educator here at Postman, but I truly believe that the Postman…

Introducing Team Discovery


Teams are increasingly using Postman to collaborate on APIs. With team workspaces and collections, you can discuss and contribute to API projects…

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