The very first time I worked on an API was with Ankit at Yahoo. I remember running to his desk every time I had a question or faced a bug – wasting a lot of time and probably annoying Ankit. We were sure there had to be a better way for working with APIs, which is why Ankit, Abhijit and I started Postman.

Last year, with the launch of Postman Cloud, we focused on improving collaboration for internal API development. With thousands of happy customers later, we realized that Postman Cloud had addressed just one part of bigger problem. Postman’s vision is to help you build a super fast and smooth workflow for API development keeping some key questions in mind:

  1. Where are my APIs?
  2. Are they documented and tested properly?
  3. Are they working properly all the time?

This week, we are releasing Postman Pro – the complete toolchain for the API developer. Postman Pro contains all the features of Postman Cloud, our existing paid Saas product, and has been extended to include documentation and monitoring features to answer these questions and much more. We’ve rechristened Cloud to Postman Pro, to reflect this extended feature set for the API developer.

Postman Pro Monitoring
First up, Postman Pro includes an amazing monitoring feature that lets you check for the performance, uptime and correctness of your API. Built on collections, it takes just 2 clicks to set up a monitor! That’s all — really.

When I demo Monitoring, teams are honestly startled by how easy it is to use. Your monitors are kept in sync with your collections in the Postman app at all times. This means that you can debug in the app locally, while your monitors are updated on our servers, seamlessly.

Postman Pro Documenter
Our documentation feature is a favorite of our beta testers – allowing you to share public or private documentation, beautifully viewable via a web page. Plus, today, we’re announcing two features much-requested by our customers: custom logos and colors. You can now customize public docs with your team logo along with the colors to suit your branding. As always, documentation works seamlessly and without extra steps to impede your flow.

Integrations with Postman Pro
We are also launching several key integrations with your favorite development tools:
1. Github: Sync any Postman Collection to a specific repository.
2. Slack: Send activity feed to Slack and stay updated with what’s going on in your API infra. Or get updates from your API monitors in your favorite Slack channel.
3. Datadog: Get data from monitors right inside Datadog so that you can correlate with other metrics.
4. Pagerduty: Get alerts through Pagerduty whenever something goes wrong with your APIs.

We are pushing several new API endpoints to help you integrate Postman even more deeply with your development toolchain. You can now add new collections, update existing collections, update environments, add and run monitors through our API itself. These features are on top of the existing improvements to our collaboration features: Notifications, Activity feed, Access control for collections, the new collection format v2.

All the features I’ve described are available to all Postman Pro customers. Postman Pro is available at $8/user/month (paid monthly) or $75/user/year (paid annually.) Monitoring for up to 10,000 calls/month are included with the Postman Pro team subscription, and additional calls pricing is based on usage.

We don’t believe our work is done here. We believe that your workflow can be made faster, smoother and simpler. We’ll be releasing updates at a crazy pace next year. We are continuously listening to your feedback across Twitter, Github, Slack and our support channels. This would not have been possible without your support and enthusiasm. If you like Postman and Postman Pro, don’t forget to let us know on Twitter!