Introducing Postman for Nonprofits


In these troubled times of a pandemic and social unrest, we are facing challenging issues affecting individuals, organizations, and society as a whole. It’s easy to feel disparaged with the flood of news competing for our attention on a daily basis, and our optimism for long-term solutions can wane as each event compounds. But there’s still hope: Nonprofit organizations are instrumental in effectively addressing issues in communities both small and large.

Postman is proud to introduce Postman for Nonprofits, a program to support nonprofit and not-for-profit organizations. With this initiative, we’re connecting Postman’s corporate values with community efforts so that we uphold our obligation to global social responsibility.

Whether organizations are taking immediate action on hot-button concerns—like pandemic response and racial justice—or steadily fighting the good fight to improve established structured systems, easy access to data is critical for decision-making and fundraising. This type of information exchange is what application programming interfaces (APIs) do best, and as an API-first company, Postman is committed to providing assistance in this area.

For qualified nonprofits, we are offering 10 free Postman Business plan licenses to help them easily scale and manage their entire API workflows. In an industry where every dollar counts, providing this package enables IT departments to build their technical stack to have maximum impact with minimum effect on their budgets.

We started this program in our response to COVID-19. From data science teams working on contact tracing to mental health teams coordinating services, organizations are accessing the Postman API platform to facilitate their missions and build a better-connected world.

The Mental Health Center of Denver is one such organization. The Colorado not-for-profit has been busy building out its telehealth capabilities as it actively addresses COVID-19 concerns. The Mental Health Center of Denver partners with local agencies to provide services for over 20,000 individuals and support response units out in the community. To do so, its technical team is using FHIR APIs and legacy SOAP APIs in Postman to develop its first public-facing mobile application.

Giving Compass, based in Seattle, Washington, connects individual donors with content, resources, and tools to drive more effective giving. It has been working with community foundations and other nonprofit organizations to develop and share resources focused on COVID-19. Giving Compass is now using Postman for documenting, automating, and designing APIs that allow those resources to be more successful.

Postman understands the power of APIs to not only connect data but to ultimately connect people in completing their missions. We are excited to support more nonprofits through Postman for Nonprofits and encourage interested organizations to apply here.

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