Improve the Decision-Making Process with These Data Analytics APIs


Data is all around us. Almost every organization now has a wealth of data that may give significant insights and assist in making data-driven decisions. However, proper data analysis may be difficult and time-consuming. To make data analytics easier for you, we’ve created a Data Analytics category in the Public API Network containing high-quality APIs. Let’s look at the top five data analytics APIs that made the cut:

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure REST APIs enable the development of data-driven applications based on Hadoop, Spark, and data science distributions. With these APIs, you may completely integrate your current enterprise data in Oracle Database and Oracle applications. You can now organize your data science work, have access to computing resources, and create, train, deploy, and manage data models. Experience seamless data processing.
  • FIWARE is an open source technology that is used to create smart data solutions. This API toolkit provides you with the necessary building blocks to construct data spaces and enable effective and trustworthy data access and collaboration.
  • Cisco DevNet is a platform that redefines network operations by combining big data, streaming telemetry, and model-driven APIs. Now you can work together to create an application ecosystem centered on on-box innovation for a highly scalable and efficient operations automation platform.
  • Stackby’s public workspace is a real-time collaborative spreadsheet-database hybrid that allows you to develop and automate your own workflows via third-party services. You can now access a spreadsheet-style interface, database capabilities, and the top business APIs all in one frame.
  • HarperDB provides you with hybrid SQL and NoSQL capabilities, complex clustering, and bulk operations into a single powerful solution accessible through a REST API. Try out this API collection for yourself if you want to make data processing easier.

Check out all the APIs in this category here. Try them out by forking their collections to your own workspace, and start exploring the possibilities today.

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