How We Built It: No-Code Postman Flows


During a recent Postman livestream, Postman Senior Developer Advocate Ian Douglas invited Postman Product Designer Samay Verma and Postman Technical Lead Saswat Das to talk about Postman Flows, our new no-code tool available in open beta in Postman. You can use flows to create a chain of requests in a visual workspace without writing any code. During the livestream, Samay and Saswat gave us the inside scoop on the design and development of flows, and then they shared their tips and tricks for getting the most out of this exciting tool.

Meet no-code Postman Flows

Flows is a tool that connects various sources of data using a visual language. To use Saswat’s example, think of your favorite food delivery app and assume it has an API. When you call their API with Postman, they deliver food to you. Now imagine that you’ve created an app that has your lunch plans for the week, and that also has an API.

What if there was a way to connect these two APIs so that every day at lunchtime, your meal was automatically ordered and delivered for you? This is something Postman Flows can help you do, and you can do it without writing any code!

Check out a few highlights

Here are a few topics the livestream covers:

Postman Flows basics

Postman Flows development

Watch the full livestream

Learn more about Postman Flows

Ready to keep learning about flows?

  • Check out the beta documentation in the Postman Labs Docs, and don’t forget to share your feedback with us.
  • Head to the GitHub Discussion to start or join a conversation about Flows.
  • Launch Postman on the web or desktop app to try using Flows today!

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