Govern Your Public API Collections More Effectively


Visibility into your APIs is crucial for running a successful API program in any organization. Having visibility enables you to effectively govern what APIs your organization exposes publicly for external consumers.

Today, millions of developers use public collection links, Postman public documentation, and public workspaces to share their public APIs with prospective consumers. However, managing these has become a challenge for larger teams, since users haven’t had a central way to govern what collections are being shared outside of their team for public consumption.

To make it easy for enterprise organizations to manage what collections they expose for public consumption, we are excited to introduce a new feature that allows Community Managers (individuals who’ve been assigned a Community Manager role in the Postman platform) in enterprise organizations to view and manage everything that’s made public by their team—including public collections links, public docs, and public workspaces created by members of their team—all in one place: in the Manage Public Elements section under the Team Dropdown. Community Managers will also be able to know which team member created a specific link, and they now have the ability to delete links to collections they feel should not be public.


Finally, Community Managers can also disable the creation of public collection links entirely for their team. Users can instead use public workspaces or public documentation to share collections publicly. This not only creates much richer experiences for API consumers but also helps organizations effectively govern what APIs are shared publicly.

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