Get Postman’s Latest Features – Migrate to Version 7.0


Postman is continuously improving, and as part of our commitment to providing a platform that grows with our users, we’ve made some necessary changes to our backend that make our latest release of version 7.0 particularly important. We recommend that everyone migrate to the newest version now!

Migrating to Postman version 7.0

Individual User

You can update to version 7.0 as you normally would. Simply go to the main menu, click the wrench icon in your app, click on Settings, select Update, and confirm your update.

Note:  If you are a Linux user and you installed the app via ‘Ubuntu Software Center’ or ‘Snap Store’, please refer to our docs as the instructions are slightly different.

Team Admins

To migrate you and your team, go to Roles & Permissions in your Postman dashboard:

From the above screen, you’ll click Migrate my team to v7.0. Your team will then receive an email and in-app notification prompting them to update their app.

Note: When you update your team to v7.0, collaboration features and syncing will stop working for your team members that are still on Postman v6. They will need to update to v7.0 to regain all features. For more information, view our docs.

Team Users

You will need to contact your team admin and request the update. Once the admin follows the above steps, you will be able to migrate to v7.0. You can’t move to this version unless your admin decides to do so. If you download v7.0 and lose feature access for any reason, download the Postman v6 release for your platform from here.

Here’s what you get from updating:

We just released our newest feature – extended roles and permissions! Our new roles and permissions provide you with a more robust access control mechanism. You can manage teammates on the collection, team, and now, workspace levels.

The diagram below gives a brief overview of all the roles and permissions that will be available in Postman v7.0.

This is a major update that will allow us to bring you an even better experience on Postman. Our upcoming feature releases will be exclusively available on Postman v7.0. If you want to keep getting cool new features on Postman, it’s time to migrate!

We want all our users to have the best experience with Postman, so we hope we’ve made this migration as painless as possible. For questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on our community forum.

See you on version 7.0!


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