How do teams for free users and team workspaces work in Postman 6.2?

Prior to Postman version 6.2, Postman Team Workspaces were available only to Pro & Enterprise users. Now, free users can create a free Postman Team and collaborate together within team workspaces. Workspaces are a powerful construct within Postman that give users a consolidated view over all of the Postman elements that they commonly use: collections, environments, integrations, history, mocks, monitors, and more.

Previously, users on the free Postman plan had access to personal workspaces, but no access to team workspaces. Sharing a collection required a manual export and import between developers. Now, collections can be created and shared in team workspaces, and free members can invite users to their team to collaborate on projects in real time.

How do I get started with free teams?

We’ve made it simple to get started with free teams. If you haven’t already, download Postman and create a free account. If you’re inviting people to your team who don’t already have the Postman app, they can accept your invite and then go through the flow of downloading the app and creating a Postman account. Only users of Postman 6.2 can join a free team, so make sure that you and any other team members have updated to Postman version 6.2.

The steps to invite people to your team directly within the Postman app are:

  • Select the “Invite” button
  • Add the username or email address of the person you’d like to invite
  • Select “Invite users”

Once you’ve invited people to your team, you can create team workspaces which are typically divided by product, team, or project.

What are the usage limits for free users?

You can create as many team workspaces as you want, invite as many of your colleagues to your team as you’d like, and collaborate for as long as you want. Team usage is only limited by the number of requests: each free team can collaborate on up to 25 Postman requests. Each workspace also has a shared history — requests sent by members of a team will be saved in a team’s shared history which also has a limit of 25 shared history requests. Shared requests and shared history requests can be split across any number of team workspaces.

What happens if I’m on a free team and we go over the usage limits?

If your team collectively creates more than 25 requests, don’t worry, you won’t lose any of your collections, but the collection containing the oldest requests will be archived to make room for newer ones. You’ll be notified within the app when your team is close to exceeding 25 requests, and again when your collections have been archived.

If your team goes over 25 shared history requests, your oldest 10 requests will be archived to make room for newer ones.

How do I check my usage limits?

You can check your usage limits using the Upgrade button dropdown in the upper right of the Postman app. You can also view this in your dashboard by selecting “Resource Usage” from the same Upgrade dropdown menu.

How do I recover archived collections and shared history requests?

The easiest way to recover archived collections and shared history requests (and get unlimited usage limits) is to upgrade to Postman Pro or Postman Enterprise. Another way you can recover archived collections (but not archived history requests) is by exporting and importing them back into your personal workspace. The steps to export are:

  • Go to the wrench icon
  • Select settings
  • Select the data tab
  • Select “Download all data including data in workspaces I have joined”

To import a collection back into your personal workspace:

  • Make sure you’ve switched to your personal workspace
  • Select the “Import” button in the upper left of the Postman app
  • Choose your previously exported file

How do I leave a team?

To leave a team:

  • Go to the team workspace you want to leave
  • Select the ellipsis icon (…) menu and select “Leave”

How do I manage my team?

You can manage your team in your dashboard and you can read more about managing your team and user roles in our docs.

How do I remove people from a free team?

To remove someone from your team:

  • Select the dropdown arrow on the Upgrade button
  • Select “Manage Team”
  • This will open your Team Dashboard in the browser
  • Hover over the team member you want to remove until the trash icon appears
  • Select the trash icon
  • You will be prompted a second time to confirm the removal

Is there a limit to the number of teams I can join?

Free users can join one team and create any number of workspaces or collections within that team.

How do I get unlimited collaboration?

To get unlimited collaboration and remove usage limits, upgrade to Postman Pro or Enterprise. Once you upgrade, you and your team will get unlimited shared requests and all of your archived collections will be unarchived.