Introducing Private Workspaces


If you’re using Postman workspaces, you know what a lifesaver they can be for organization, collaboration, source control, and more.

With the release of Postman v6.1, Postman Business and Enterprise teams can now create private workspaces to share with specific team members.

All Postman users can create personal workspaces. Postman Team, Business, and Enterprise users can also create team workspaces to share and sync updates with team members. These team workspaces are read-only by default, but there’s an option to grant edit permissions to the team or specific team members.

Now, Postman Business and Enterprise users can create private team workspaces. A private workspace is only visible to the user who creates the workspace and team members who have been invited to join the workspace. Private workspaces are a way for Postman Business and Enterprise teams to restrict access to collections, environments, mocks, and monitors that are relevant only to a particular audience.

How to create a private team workspace

When you’re creating a new workspace, update the type of workspace to “Team” from the default “Personal”. This will reveal the additional options to invite specific team members and limit the visibility of this new workspace only to invited members.

If you’ve created a private team workspace, only users you’ve invited to this workspace will see this workspace as one they can join and interact with. Users who have not been invited to join this private workspace will not see it listed as an option to join.

At this point, you can modify permissions for the entire team or specific team members to either edit or view collections and other workspace-related entities.


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2 thoughts on “Introducing Private Workspaces

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    Hi Joyce, I would like to clarify something. I would like to share collections with my team of 10 people. I would like to make sure that only my team can see the contents of these collections. I want people to have to sign in, not just click a link. Do I need a Pro licence or an enterprise licence? How to collections differ from work-spaces with regards to permission management?

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      If you create a private workspace, only the people added to it will be able to access its content whether it’s accessed through the UI or by clicking on a link.
      Private workspaces are only available on paid pricing tiers.