Announcing the Harness the Weather Hackathon winner


We are absolutely thrilled to announce the triumphant champion of the Harness the Weather Hackathon proudly brought to you by and Postman. Following rounds of fierce innovation, formidable coding skills, and truly impressive problem-solving, the API hack winner with an extraordinary weather-centric application is…drum roll, please…the AgroSoil team—who astounded us with their groundbreaking project, “Agrosecurity“!

The brains behind AgroSoil, Santiago Viana and Juan Diego Agudelo—both from Colombia—are the innovators of a project meant to fortify the resilience of farmers in a world increasingly besieged by climate change. By implementing climate-based insurance policies finely tuned to combat extreme weather events, “Agrosecurity” is designed to shield our farmers from significant financial losses stemming from unpredictable weather patterns.

As a well-deserved reward for their hard work and ingenuity, AgroSoil walks away with a grand prize of US$1000 and an exclusive US$100 Postman Swag gift card.

Their unwavering dedication, mastery of’s weather APIs, and seamless execution using Postman have set them apart. Congratulations, AgroSoil—your commitment and creativity impressed us. We’d like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to every participant, esteemed judges, and invaluable partners for contributing to the success of this global hackathon.

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