Accidental Delete? Don’t Panic. Collections Are Now Recoverable


We’ve all done it. A fit of organization, cleaning up after a project ends, or just some over-zealous clicking … and you discover that you deleted something that you really, actually needed. If that ‘something’ was a Postman Collection, our new recovery feature has you covered! Deleted collections are stored by Postman for at least a day, and can easily be restored back into your instance of Postman.

This is how it works: a deleted collection will be saved in the “Trash” area of your Postman account, available in the Postman dashboard. In this case, let’s say we deleted a collection from a personal workspace named Education. To get to the  dashboard to recover the collection, we would click on the arrow next to the workspace name and then on “All Workspaces” on the dropdown, to get to the dashboard.

Once in the dashboard, click on the user icon in the upper right corner, and choose “Trash” from the dropdown.

This takes us to the Trash screen, and there’s the deleted collection! Clicking on Restore will recover the deleted collection into whatever workspace(s) you specify.

Deleted collections are stored and available for recovery for one full day, for all Postman users. Postman Pro users can restore deleted collections for 30 days, and Postman Enterprise users can recover a deleted collection for 90 days. For additional support, head to our help center!


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