Making SOAP requests using Postman

We know it says Postman “REST” client, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use it for making SOAP requests. One can easily make any HTTP SOAP request using Postman by following these simple steps:

1. Give the SOAP endpoint as the URL. If you are using a WSDL, then give the path to the WSDL as the URL.
2. Set the request method to POST.
3. Open the raw editor, and set the body type as “text/xml”.
4. In the request body, give the SOAP Envelope, Header and Body tags as required. Start by giving the SOAP Envelope tag, which is necessary, and define all the namespaces. Give the SOAP header and the body. The name of the SOAP method (operation) should be specified in the SOAP body. For example, for the WSDL operation “GetPostman” defined as –

We give the request body as –

You can check it out yourself by using the WSDL. If you need to use the “getHolidaysAvailable” method defined in this WSDL, give the request body as –

SOAP requests using Postman

With tools like history, collections and environments, SOAP testing inside Postman becomes really easy. If you are using Postman for testing SOAP requests, do let us know in the comments.

This is a guest post by Ankit Dua, developer at BeeHyv Software Solutions. You can connect with Ankit on LinkedIn.

Author: Abhinav

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25 thoughts on “Making SOAP requests using Postman”

  1. I’ve been using Postman to test SOAP services as well as RESTful services. Works great as long as you know how to configure the request.

  2. So I’ve been stuck using SoapUI for a while because I couldn’t get this working after tinkering with it for a while with our SOAP instance we had to add the header SOAPAction with a value of “”

      1. I ran into the same issue, so if anyone else runs into this:

        Click the headers tab. You should already have the content-type set
        Add ‘SOAPAction’ as a header and give it an empty value (ie. ”)

        That’s it!

  3. Really useful, thanks! I love POSTMAN, been using it for 2 years and I have only good to say about it :).

  4. I am getting Status 500 Internal Server Error


    PID|||0000000||SAMS^TEST1||19850515|M||W|SPEER^^DENVER^CO^80204||||OTHER|S||100503317….. and so on

    This is HL7 format message that i want to pass and check my service is working or not?
    Thank You

  5. Hello,

    I am facing error with my SOAP requests.. 400 Bad Request. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Need help please

    I can share whatever information is needed

  6. Does Postman work with SOAP WS-Security? WS-Security request contain some extra security tokens in SOAP header, makes some security negotiation requests etc..

  7. Really love Postman, always use it to test my REST and SOAP services 🙂

    Is there any way to import a WSDL so that all the SoapActions are created for me? Currently, I am creating the SoapAction manually for each one outlined in the WSDL

    Regardless, this tool is solid!


  8. Thanks for the advise. BTW, since POSTMAN is initially a RESTful client, how would one do a CoAP requests with it? Can’t find anything useful about it on the web.

  9. When using postman for an old Axis SOAP application where soapAction=”” you also need the header “SOAPAction” with no value

  10. wow it’s incredible it works fine and you can save a lot of time for quick testing!!!! thank you very much!!! I also used it for testing soap service with complex data input and it works fine as well!!! I wasted some time at the begininng to understand how to define comnplex data, but once I did it for the first time I save a lot of time for repeating different tests 🙂 It works also on https endpoints, you just need to trust that site on google chrome explorer!!!

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