What does “Max # of APIs” mean in Postman?


UPDATE: As of August 2020, there are no longer limits on the number of APIs you can create in Postman. Please see our plans and pricing page for details.

This question popped up a few times from readers of our recent “Announcing Updated Postman Plans and Pricing” blog post, and we wanted to give you a full answer to the question with some additional background.

Here’s the short answer to this question:
The “maximum number of APIs” refers to the number of APIs you can create in Postman. It does NOT refer to how many APIs you can access with Postman; to be clear, there is no limit to the number of APIs you can access with Postman.

Here’s a bit more background on creating APIs in Postman:
Postman now enables you to create APIs directly within Postman via the API Builder feature. Postman’s API Builder includes:

  • The API tab and API elements
  • Extended schema support
  • Versioning and version tagging

With API Builder, you can define and manage different versions of your APIs, collection revisions, and other API elements linked to APIs like Postman collections, monitors, and mock APIs. You can also coordinate API changes easily with the help of API versioning and tagging.

And there are more benefits: your schema becomes the source of truth which defines every variation of the API; collections can be used as individual recipes that use endpoints made available by the API, tailored to specific use cases; and when you map your real-world APIs into the new API Builder, you can define, develop, test, and observe them directly within Postman.

Note: The “maximum number of APIs” limit applies to all team members, regardless of whether the APIs are created via the API feature in a personal workspace or a team workspace.

If you have further questions about these API limits in relation to your Postman plan, feel free to drop us a line anytime at thepostmanteam@postman.com.


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