Tyk Uses Postman for Client Engagement

Tyk is an open source API Gateway that puts you in control of API Management. Tyk offers an API Gateway, simple to use API Management Dashboard, and an API analytics and developer portal.

Tyk is an open source API gateway and management platform with global clients in industries such as healthcare, finance, tech, and education. Clients can run Tyk in three ways: through an on-premises installation, a SaaS solution hosted in the AWS Cloud, or as a hybrid. Tyk also runs on container management platforms such as Docker, Kubernetes, and Cloud Foundry. Tyk’s engineers are distributed throughout the world, helping to build the product and support the community. Let’s take a look at some of the ways Tyk uses Postman to interact with clients.

Effective sales demonstrations

Tyk sales engineers use Postman to bring sales demonstrations to life, and more accurately demonstrate how Tyk manages APIs. Before the demo, the sales engineer creates a collection of predefined requests in Postman to demonstrate features, such as rate limiting, quota management, policies, and analytics.  During the demo, the sales engineer uses Postman to work through each feature using the predefined requests. Clients can see the responses display in Postman in an easily understandable format. Since API security is important to Tyk’s clients, they use Postman to demonstrate that their Gateway can prevent unauthorized access. The engineer can quickly add, remove, and update the authorization headers. As a result, the client sees the complete API request and response sequence with greater clarity.

Engaging workshops and meetups

Tyk uses Postman as a teaching aid in their API workshops and meetups. It is a great tool to spread awareness and understanding of APIs and API Management to audiences with varying levels of technical knowledge. Before each event, Tyk sends a list of prerequisites to invitees, which includes a request to install Postman on their laptops. They also hard code keys to make it easier to show the process of building a query. During these events, Postman enables Tyk to demonstrate how its API gateway handles such product features as authentication and virtual endpoints.

Better technical support

Postman serves as an excellent tool to support Tyk clients. When clients have a problem with an API, they can send a Postman collection for Tyk to run and review. Running client issues in Postman collections helps Tyk to understand the issues better and troubleshoot more quickly. For example, one of Tyk’s many features is customization of endpoints, such as setting cache, mocking answers for endpoints, or modifying headers. Suppose a developer has a problem modifying a header in a request. Instead of merely describing the issue, the developer can send the API request in a Postman collection. Tyk can run that collection, diagnose the header issue, and help the developer resolve the issue.



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