Thinking About Attending POST/CON 2019?

Here are a Few Things to Consider.

Before we tell you that “POST/CON is back, bigger, and more advanced than ever before!” (and it is!), we know you need the nitty-gritty details to figure out whether you want to join us in San Francisco, September 11th – 12th, 2019.

But first, what is POST/CON? POST/CON 2019 is a two-day event featuring a two-track workshop on day one, followed by a full-day conference with four tracks. With excellent speakers from all over the world, we’ll be diving into advanced Postman use-cases and thought leadership in API testing and automation, API design and architecture, developer experience, and DevOps.

POST/CON is Great for People Who Want to:

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Deep Dive into These Topics at POST/CON 2019

Learn More About Postman

On the first day of POST/CON, we are hosting a two-track workshop focused on leveling up Postman skills. In the morning you can choose between learning the fundamentals of Postman or discovering how to design, develop, and mock APIs. In the afternoon, select from one of two options – becoming a Postman expert, using the newest and most advanced features, or taking a deep dive into automated testing and reporting with Postman.

Collaborate on API Design, Development, and Testing

Hear from Jeff Gibson, Data Engineering Manager at Atlassian; Mary Thengvall, Founder and DevRel Consultant at PerSea Consulting; and Valentin Despa, Software Developer as they discuss collaborating throughout the API lifecycle. You’ll walk away with insights into:

  • Unleashing the potential in API teams
  • Accelerating developer onboarding
  • Improving code quality and testing

Test APIs and Automate API Testing

Listen to Filipe Freire, Coding Tester at adidas; Paul Farrell, Senior Software Tester at Gear4Music; and Kevin Harris, API Solutions Advisor at IQMetrix as they unveil the secret sauce to API testing and test automation. You’ll get behind-the-scenes with these experts to find out how they:

  • Scale and accelerate testing efforts
  • Automate API on-boarding
  • Use tools to gain exponential testing efficiency

Design and Architect APIs

Join Stève Sfartz, API Architect at Cisco DevNet; Matt Cole, Senior Integration Engineer at PayPal; Mollie Stein, Software Engineer at Giant Machines (read the Giant Machines case study); and Tina Huang, Co-founder and CTO at Transposit as they talk about designing and architecting APIs. In this session, you’ll discover how to:

  • Embrace a microservices architecture
  • Automate design workflows
  • Use emerging best practices in API design

Enhance Developer Experiences

Follow Daniele Bernardi, Senior Partner Engineer at Twitter; Gideon McKee, Software Quality Engineer at PingIdentity; and Eric Swildens, Co-founder and Chief Architect at Nimbella as they reveal how they create world-class developer experiences. In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Learn from and collaborate with your developer community
  • Help developers find more success, faster
  • Improve customer-facing documentation

Hear from David Esposito, Platform Architect at BetterCloud and Upkar Lidden, Developer Advocate at IBM as they dig into DevOps. In this session, you’ll gain an understanding of…

  • Identifying the ROI of migrating automation tests to monitoring tools
  • Why the serverless movement is gaining steam, and how to embrace it

Lead Engineering Down The Right Path

Join Peter Durlacher, Solutions Engineer at EasyPost; Brian Thompson, Technical Support and Solutions Engineering Manager at EasyPost; and Bear Douglas, Director of Developer Relations at Slack as they discuss the tough choices they made to ensure engineering success. Find out from these experts how to…

  • Avoid pitfalls that block engineering
  • Optimize engineering resources
  • Choose between following standards or breaking conventions

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