Support-only accounts for Postman Pro teams


In Postman Pro, team members not formally assigned a user role are considered ‘support-only’.

To understand support-only accounts,  let’s first review the basics of assigned roles and user slots for Pro teams.

Teams can assign members one or more of three roles: admin, billing, and user.  

Admins can invite people to the team, change team details, cancel sent invitations, and update roles of team members.

Billing can view payments, retry failed payments, view invoices, update card details, change the billing email address, and cancel or update the team’s plan.

User can use Postman, collaborate on collections, publish documentation, set up monitors for collections, and use the Postman API.

Pro and Enterprise teams only pay for user role slots. For example, if a team pays for 10 user slots, it can assign the user role to 10 team members.

Some of those 10 users might have an admin role, a billing role, or an admin+billing role as well. But Postman only requires the team to pay for the 10 user role slots.

Now that we’ve reviewed the basics of assigned roles and user slots, let’s return to our look at support-only accounts.

Teams can add support accounts for two members of the team to perform admin and billing tasks. However, they can’t collaborate on APIs with the rest of the team. Support-only accounts allow you to manage your team economically and maximize the number of users.

The team page lists the team members with support-only status.

To learn more about managing your Pro team, see Managing your team in Postman documentation.


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