Sikka Uses Postman Pro for Continuous Deployment and Monitoring


Sikka API seamlessly connects to over 96% of retail healthcare like dental, veterinary, hearing, and vision offices, and is processing billions of transactions every day.

Each month, 8M calls are made on their platform via partner apps to support healthcare retailers.

The team has grown to 95 employees headquartered in San Jose with additional offices in Fresno and India. Sikka offers 210 APIs connected to 24,000 healthcare practices across the United States. Sikka offers a marketplace for app development partners creating services for healthcare providers, for example managing payments for a dental practice or scheduling appointments for a veterinary practice.

Postman for API documentation

Sikka’s app development partners have access to the Sikka API portal where they can reference the latest API documentation for various healthcare retail services. The team uses Postman to publish API documentation for each of their partners with use cases unique to their industry, for example insurance claims, lab results, or procedure codes.

In the US, developing these healthcare apps requires confidentiality and HIPAA compliance. Once the app developer is authenticated, they can access the API documentation and development sandbox and begin building secure apps.

The API documentation published by Postman on the Sikka developer portal includes the Run in Postman button. A single click imports a complete Postman collection and environment and enables developers to get started easily.

Previously the process of updating new endpoints was a manual process. Now, all updates are centrally synced to the Postman server and immediately reflected in the published documentation for partners to reference in real time.

Smoke tests for continuous deployment

The QA team currently has 200 test cases in a Postman collection dedicated to verifying their API endpoints’ latest build, and they keep adding more. Maintaining the latest version of all of their endpoints in a Postman collection makes it easier to update, test, and integrate with their build systems.

The Sikka development team previously relied on Jenkins for their API builds, but found it cumbersome to manage with their extensive API structure and frequent updates. Since writing tests in Postman, the team now relies solely on Postman for testing their API endpoints across all environments. With Postman, it’s easier to dynamically update an endpoint and its corresponding tests.

Monitors to check API availability

The Sikka development team schedules Postman monitors to make sure their APIs are up and running so their partners won’t face any issues. By monitoring the performance, uptime, and correctness of their APIs on a scheduled frequency, Sikka can confidently keep track of their API health and address issues as soon as they arise.

Using Postman tests in our continuous deployment helps us quickly identify the health of the API build.

We use Postman monitors to check API availability so that our partners won’t face any issues.

Sanjay Rajak, Lead Software Developer


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