Recommended Postman skills for API testing professionals


A while back, I highlighted the top jobs requiring Postman experience. Since then, APIs have only become even more important to software development teams. One of the primary job categories that lists “experience with Postman” as a requirement is API testing professionals, which includes roles like test engineers, QA analysts, and SDETs.

Hiring managers have expectations about what you will be able to do independently and with support once you begin working on their team. In many cases, applicants are asked to demonstrate their ability to effectively complete certain technical tasks in Postman during the interview process.

Whether you’re a seasoned tester open to new opportunities or considering a new career in technology, assess your Postman testing capabilities with this self-quiz to level up your Postman skills.

Assess your Postman experience in this skills for API testing professionals
Assess your Postman experience in these skills for API testing professionals

You may not be expected to know everything on this list of recommended skills in your current or future roles, but this list provides a development roadmap to becoming a more valuable and capable tester.

Postman skills sheet for managers

If you’re a hiring manager using this checklist to guide part of your interview process, it’s as important to assess a candidate’s ability and eagerness to learn, as it is to gauge their current knowledge and experience. If an interview candidate can talk to many, but not all, of these Postman skills, it demonstrates an aptitude that can be nurtured with on-the-job support.

Feel free to fork this GitHub repository and develop your own customized version of required skills to share with job applicants before and during the hiring process or afterward as part of a development plan.

Continue on your Postman learning journey

Once you take the self-assessment, follow up on the additional resources listed on the website, like the 15 Days of Postman – for testers challenge to earn a badge. Then share the assessment with your teammates to start a dialogue about your team’s level of experience and goals for the future. And let us know in the comments below if we missed any essential skills for API testing professionals.

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