Postman Workspaces == Better Collaboration


Today we announced Postman 6.0, our latest release of the Postman app. Postman 6.0 includes Workspaces, a completely new way to collaborate and organize your work within Postman. We believe Workspaces is big leap forward in Postman functionality, and will help everyone in our community.

Workspaces are available for both individuals and teams, and each Workspace can be organized around working topics, and include specific Postman elements (like collections and environments.) Team Workspaces can also include project-specific team members, to allow for more organized API sharing and collaboration.

Workspaces are managed within the Postman app and from your dashboard.

Workspaces dashboard (web view)
Workspaces app build menu

For Postman Pro and Enterprise teams, Team Workspaces will replace the Team Library. As in the Team Library, Team Workspaces will allow you to share Postman elements (like collections, environments, and monitors), view team activity, and set access permissions. However, Workspaces provides greater visibility and easier access to shared collections. If you’re a Postman Pro or Enterprise team, you’ll want your entire team to upgrade to Postman 6.0 at the same time, so everyone has the same view of Workspaces, rather than a mix of Team Library and Workspaces.

Every user of Postman can get the organizational benefits of Workspaces. Users without a Postman account get a single default Workspace; users with a free Postman account can create an unlimited number of personal Workspaces in which to organize their API development.

Questions? Learn more about Workspaces on our website, or check out our Workspaces docs!


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1 thought on “Postman Workspaces == Better Collaboration


    Sounds great, can’t wait to use it! Do they also work in the free version?