Postman v3.2 is out with Hawk authentication support


Hawk is a widely used authentication protocol on he web, especially when it comes to APIs. The main driver behind Hawk, I feel, is the extremely simple nature of the protocol. We’ve been receiving requests for Hawk support for a some time now, and we’re glad to announce support for Hawk Auth in Postman.

Here’s how you can use it:

1. Choose your endpoint

We’ve added support for Hawk Authentication in Postman Echo, so for the purposes of this blog post, that is what we’ll use.

The GET endpoint is:

2. In Postman, select the Hawk Auth helper


Postman will show you all the variables that can be configured. To keep things simple, let’s set the following ones:

Hawk Auth ID: dh37fgj492je

Hawk Auth Key: werxhqb98rpaxn39848xrunpaw3489ruxnpa98w4rxn

Algorithm: sha256

(In case you haven’t noticed, these values are also the ones used in the Hawk library examples) 😉

3. Click “Update Request

Postman will add a new “Authorization” header to your request. Hitting send should result in a successful response:



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