Postman v0.9.9.2 is out on the Web Store! This update had been pending for a while. We wanted to push a mix of features and bug fixes that have been waiting in the pipe line. Here is a summary:

  • Added version number and other debug info inside the settings modal
  • Collection import from URL sets Accept header to application/json (#558)
  • Request preview wrapped with pre tag (#451)
  • Recursive resolution of environment variables
  • Do not fire a request when URL is selected from the autocomplete dropdown
  • Added Ctrl+enter/Cmd+Enter shortcut (#390)
  • Saving request to another collection shows description of that request (#491)
  • OAuth 1.0 signature method fields have a select box (#398)
  • Auto update basic and digest auth headers if they are environment variables (#340)
  • Bug fixes for the tests editor

Oh, and finally we also have a proper change log where you can find the changes listed above. We promise to religiously update this page.

One big change I would like to highlight is that Basic Auth and Digest Auth tokens now auto-refresh depending upon values in the environment variables. This let’s you avoid hitting “Refresh request” every time you switch to a new environment.

We have some really exciting stuff planned for the coming week. Stay tuned through this blog and Twitter!