Bug fix release: Postman v0.10.5.3 is out


We pushed out a few more bug fixes and changes to Postman this week with version

  • [Change] All automatic URL encoding has been removed. Any variable intended to be used in the URL should be manually encoded. You can right click a selection, and click ‘EncodeURIComponent’ to encode it.
  • [Bug fix] Issues with the refresh token flow have been fixed
  • [Bug fix] The data preview window is now larger and scrollable
  • [Bug fix] Headers can be disabled in the Headers editor
  • [Feature] Imported collections can no longer overwrite existing collections
  • [Change] The threshold for showing JSON/XML responses in Pretty mode has been increased to 20000 bytes
  • [Bug fix] Text selection issues in the JSON Pretty mode have been fixed. The +/- symbols to expand/collapse nodes are not selected. Property names are surrounded by double-quotes.

Let us know if you are facing any issues with the new version. We are hoping to quicken our release cycle and have a ton of things coming up in November.


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