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Postman ranked #1 in G2’s first-ever Best API Platforms report

Today, we are excited to announce that Postman has earned the number one spot for Best API Platform, as ranked by G2 in its 2023 Spring Reports.

We’re incredibly grateful to our community of more than 25 million developers. This is an exciting validation that Postman is the place developers come to work with APIs, from designing to building to testing to monitoring, as well as consume others’ APIs. More and more developers from around the world are collaborating within workspaces, using Postman to discover new public APIs and working together within the Private API Network.


G2’s first-ever report on API platforms is especially exciting because we’re continuing to see the benefits of an API-first approach; APIs are no longer an afterthought. Today, developers are using Postman as their go-to comprehensive platform for building and using APIs in an API-first world.

You can check out what real users have to say on G2’s official Postman Reviews page, and feel free to leave a review of your own!

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