A Postman Sneak Peek: “The API-First Transformation” Book


2023 Update: The API-First Transformation book is now published and available for purchase. Learn more here.

At Postman, we’ve been hard at work writing a new book covering the modern API-first transformation that we’ve been seeing take hold across almost every business sector today. With it titled The API-First Transformation and scheduled for release in early 2022, we’re now excited to whet your appetite over the holidays with a sample chapter to get you thinking about the possibilities that can arise from your own API-first transformation.

A follow-up to our introductory publication earlier this year, The API-First World—which is a graphic novel we had fun creating and hope you have fun reading, The API-First Transformation is a deep dive. It begins by showcasing that the digital world is always changing, and then it explains how APIs are enabling companies to not just keep up but also move ahead of the pack now that every company is having to learn how to operate in a global digital landscape.

The book walks you through how we got to where we are today, introducing the concept of API-first and how it is changing everything around how businesses operate in a digital age. It builds on what we’ve learned from the last 20 years of the API evolution. With an emphasis on the last five years of the microservices evolution happening internally within enterprise organizations, we examine what an API-first lifecycle and governance are looking like across enterprises today.

After putting all the critical points together, we are now excited to present the resulting outline of Postman’s The API-First Transformation as a sneak peek of what’s to come:

  • The digital world is always changing
  • API-first: An introduction
  • Microservices in the API-first world
  • API lifecycle in the API-first world
  • API governance in the API-first world
  • API platforms in the API-first world

This book is drawn from our experience supporting millions of global users in their API-first transformation across enterprise organizations in almost every industry today. After looking back over the last 50 years of tech evolution, we can clearly see that we are at an important period as we move from the Information Age that took root in the 20th Century, into the digital age of the 21st Century, which has been heavily shaped and defined by APIs for the last 20 years. These ubiquitous digital interfaces have given us everything from mobile applications to the cloud, and they are connecting everything in our personal and professional lives to the internet.

Ultimately, an API-first transformation acknowledges that APIs are behind not just every technological shift in the last two decades—but they are also behind the technical shifts empowering future ways of doing business in a digital world.

We look forward to sharing The API-First Transformation with you soon. Until then, we hope this preview and the available sample chapter will put the reasons for an API-first transformation to become an API-first company at the forefront of your mind and your enterprise strategy.

It’s an exciting time right now, and there are many technological movements that have been building for the last 50 years that are now coming together at this moment. Every business today is already on its API journey, so the question isn’t whether or not enterprise organizations should be doing APIs, they already are. The question is: how do they move into an API-first world that will shift their digital transformation into overdrive.

API-first is already changing how businesses operate in a digital age and allowing enterprises to not just become more innovative and competitive but—like Amazon, Facebook, Google, and other monumental names—to also completely advance how business happens.

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