Multi-level folders and folder reordering

Collections are a handy way to group and run your HTTP requests. Many Postman users have already discovered the wonders of using folders to further organize requests within a collection. Additionally, folders can be run the same way you would run a collection, executing all the requests in a given order within a folder.

A number of developers told us about the need for more organization. They wanted to add a folder within a folder, or reorder folders to more closely match their workflow.

You asked, and we listened. Now, you can add deeper levels of nesting for folders in the same way you add a folder to a collection. Drag and drop the folders to reorder them to create the ultimate customized folder structure.

These enhancements are out on our Canary build, and will hit our stable builds this week. Latest Canary builds are available for download on OSX (x64) / Windows (x86 or x64) / Linux (x86 or x64) / Chrome



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7 thoughts on “Multi-level folders and folder reordering

  • How do I move one folder with collections in it to another collection? I can only move one call from a directory to the other directory. Is there a bulk way to do it.

  • Any suggestions when to use subfolder over collection?

  • Don’t seem to be able to move subfolders out of a parent folder. any suggestion on how to ‘promote’ a folder from subfolder level to parent level?

    • You can drag and drop folders. Drag the folder to where you want to place it, either before or after items or within another folder. You will see the proposed placement highlighted.

  • Please add feature for sorting folders alphabetically.

  • When we execute a folder having sub-folders. the folder info is not seen in the execution panel. All we see is a sequence of API requests. It is very had to interpret the flow. Only when we go to view results mode and hover the mouse over a req we see the folder info. This is painful.