Monetary Uses Millions of Monitors with Postman Pro


Monetary is a connected commerce platform for Point-of-Sale (POS) developers and retailers. The platform offers unprecedented access to purchasing data in order to provide a more personalized consumer experience and generate increased revenue.

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Monetary LLC is a payments processing company founded by industry veterans. Monetary’s platform offers an easy-to-integrate API that works exclusively with Point Of Sale systems. The offering integrates payment, gift, loyalty, and syncing capabilities to take relevant data from the POS to create a targeted, automated marketing platform for merchants.

Postman Pro for team collaboration and source control

Initially, it was cumbersome for the Monetary development team to stay synchronized with the latest versions of their API tests. The ability to collaborate on API development and API testing with Postman Pro was the reason the team initially discovered the tool. From there, they started learning more about the breadth of other helpful features.

Millions of Postman monitors for testing

Due to the complex testing methodology for their APIs, Monetary runs millions of monitoring requests every month using Postman. Frequently, the result of the previous test is needed in order to run the next test. They write Postman tests to store response information in environment variables to use in other requests.

We prefer to automate as much as possible, instead of hiring more people.

Monitoring our APIs with Postman saved us so much time, and we’re all about finding reliable and optimal cloud solutions that don’t break the bank.

Bobby Bonestell, Solutions Architect

Beyond integration testing, the team also focuses on synthetic testing to simulate common customer behaviors and identify potential performance issues. In this manner, the production platform doesn’t know if the requests are coming from a test or a real customer. They’ve scheduled a suite of tests to run every 5 minutes to monitor their production platform.

The team has tightly coupled monitoring and alerting. They rely on Postman Pro integrations, such as sending alerts to Slack or PagerDuty to inform on-call staff when there are failures.

Postman for PCI compliance

As an early-stage company rethinking the payments and credit card processing industry, one of the things they hear from auditors is that they’re pushing the envelope relying on cloud-based services. The team needs to be very careful about every tool they use, how it’s implemented, and so on. Monetary follows best practices, and uses only test data to use in the Postman app and Postman monitors.

The information security team at Monetary manages internal and external cyber security audits, such as ensuring strict adherence to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS). Rather than spending time to build their own solution, and then spending even more time proving that it’s secure, Postman was the perfect out-of-the-box solution that maintains PCI compliance.

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