Linux users can now install Postman as a snap


Last month we brought our popular Run in Postman functionality to Linux and this month we’re continuing to show love to the Linux community – we’re officially bringing the Postman app to the Snap Store! Linux users have been requesting that Postman release on a package management platform for some time now, so we’re excited about this update.

Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, created snaps as a way to deliver and update apps on any Linux distribution. Snaps can be installed from the universal app store for Linux and Postman is excited to join other major publishers like Mozilla, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. By installing Postman as a snap, Linux users will benefit from a simplified installation and reduced update friction.

A Single Line to Install Postman

If you’re a Linux user and you haven’t installed Postman yet, you picked the right time to join the Postman community. A simple snap install postman via the command line allows Linux to install Postman from the Snap Store.


If you’re already familiar with Postman, you know that we push updates frequently, which can make it difficult for our users to stay up to date with the latest version. Updates done through the Postman snap are seamlessly performed in the background via snaps’ auto-update feature which eliminates the need to manually check for Postman updates.


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