Jetpacks trial version now available for all users


We just pushed a new upgrade on the Chrome Web Store. If you weren’t convinced about the Jetpacks upgrade yet , well now you can try it out for 2 weeks! If you face any issues during the trial period, please let us know at

Do go through the documentation and the tutorials on this blog to get a better idea about how Jetpacks can improve your workflow.

Another update we pushed today was a profile section on the Postman website. You can sign into the Postman website and change your profile settings like username, password and email. You can also manage the collections that you have uploaded or shared. We have some big updates in the pipeline and we can’t wait to release them. Stay tuned!


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7 thoughts on “Jetpacks trial version now available for all users

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    How do I install the trial version for jetpacks?

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      Click on “Collection Runner” and then click “Start trial”

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    I do not see a “Start trial” option in Collection Runner

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    oops! I just had to scroll down a bit to get that option after I click collection runner 🙂

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    How do I install the trial version for jetpacks in Postman version 3.2?

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    @walterlijo:disqus The current version of Postman has all of Jetpacks’ features enabled by default. You can use the collection runner and test scripts as soon as you open the app.

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      Thanks! I asked for that because I not able to use an environment variable in my tests.

      Do you know how i can use it?