It’s a Postman May Mashup!


Starting today throughout the month of May, share a collection as a Postman template to participate in the May Mashup!

The most popular entries to the Postman May Mashup contest will be selected for stellar prizes. Furthermore, get all that sweet, sweet cosmic karma by sharing something useful with the rest of the Postman community.

What the heck is a Postman template?

If you’re the author of a Postman collection, you can share the API documentation in a bunch of different ways. One way is to share the collection as a template. Community-contributed templates might teach someone how to use an API, automate a tedious task, or just use public APIs to do something fun.

Once you create a template, it’s discoverable within the Postman app. People can browse, download relevant templates, and get a jumpstart on learning something new.

What are examples of a qualifying entry?

To qualify, the collection should contain requests to at least two API endpoints and be submitted as a template between now and the end of May. You can use an existing collection that you’ve been using on your own or to show your friends how to do something cool. You can also create something brand new that solves a pain point that you face in your everyday life. Chances are, if it does something helpful for you, it’ll help others too!

Examples of qualifying entries:

How can I win?

The grand prize is awarded based on the template’s popularity as determined by objective measures like the number of downloads. Honorable mentions are selected by a committee for good documentation, creativity, and usefulness.

What are the prizes?

Besides the warm, fuzzy feeling you get from helping your fellow Postman people, you’ll be eligible to win a free trip to POST/CON 2019 in San Francisco. We’ll also showcase the top entries and have some very special swag for the top picks.

Travel reimbursement for the grand prize trip to POST/CON:

  • Postman reimburses the winner the following domestic travel: 1 round trip coach class airfare ticket to San Francisco (up to $400) and 1 night hotel (up to $400).
  • Postman reimburses the winner the following international travel: 1 round trip coach class airfare ticket to San Francisco (up to $800) and 2 nights hotel (up to $400/night).
  • If you are local to San Francisco, parking or public transportation can be reimbursed.

How can I increase my chances of winning?

Quality or Quantity: Every template you submit within the qualifying timeframe counts as an entry. However, don’t just submit half-baked ideas or unoriginal duplicates. The winners are determined by popularity, and our spam filters will be working double-time.

Usefulness: Does your template do something really cool? Or will it solve a pain point that many developers experience?

Documentation: Your template might be the best template in the whole wide world, but if you can’t communicate what it does or how to use it, then you’re sunk. Think of a good title, write a good description, and include screenshots if it will better explain your template.

Early submission: Templates submitted earlier will inherently have more eyeballs on them, plus you can continue refining your documentation. Nearing the end of May? No worries. We’ll wait for 2 weeks after the end of May to take the final tally.

Tell me again how I can participate?

To enter the Postman May Mashup, share a collection as a template. The deadline for submissions is May 31st at midnight PST, and we will begin contacting winners on June 17th.

  1. Create a Postman collection that includes at least 2 API endpoints
  2. Share it as a template anytime from 4/15 to 5/31
  3. Good luck! And may the best templates win ?


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