Introducing Postman’s API Uptime Monitor in Open Beta

Today, we are excited to announce the open-beta release of Postman’s uptime monitor, a simplified Postman monitor designed for API endpoint uptime monitoring. An uptime monitor continuously tests the availability of a public HTTP(s) domain—a website or an API endpoint. It collects time-series data, visualizes the data, and alerts users of system-outage incidents in a timely manner. Ultimately, Postman uptime monitors help users, from software developers to DevOps engineers to business program managers, more quickly detect system-outage issues.

Previously, when you wanted to create a Postman monitor, you had to create a Postman Collection and then create the monitor on top of the collection which contains one or multiple requests. If you wanted to use variables in a Postman environment for the monitor request runs, you also needed to create a Postman environment and associate the monitor with the environment. Now, to create an uptime monitor, you don’t need to create any Postman Collections, requests, or environments. You can directly create an uptime monitor by simply specifying a monitor name and the endpoint URL that you want to monitor. The monitor will then continuously send test runs to your HTTP(s) endpoints and track their availability.

When setting up a Postman uptime monitor, you can specify who on your Postman team will receive email notifications for system-outage incidents.

How to get started

1. To get started setting up an uptime monitor, go to a Postman workspace and click the (+) button at the top of the sidebar:

2. Then, you will see the Create an Uptime Monitor button on the right-side banner of the Create Monitor screen:

3. You can click the button to create an uptime monitor:

4. To view system-outage incidents, click on an uptime monitor on the sidebar and see details in the monitor dashboard:

Our uptime monitor is currently in open beta and only available in the web-based Postman application (it’s not yet available on the client-side apps). You can use the feature for free during the open-beta period, with a limit on the number of uptime monitors that your team can create.

Learn more by checking out our Learning Center documentation, and then try it out for yourself. Your feedback will help us continue to improve the feature, so please let us know what you think. You can give product feedback through our GitHub repository.

Try Postman now

What do you think about this feature? Tell us in a comment below. You can also give product feedback through our Community forum and GitHub repository.


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3 thoughts on “Introducing Postman’s API Uptime Monitor in Open Beta

  • Has this actually been released yet? I am using the Postman Windows application. Settings->Update gives:
    You are up to date! Postman v9.15.6 is the latest version.
    But the monitor screen asks me for a collection, not a url, as per your article.

    • Hi David — Thanks for the question. Yes, the uptime monitoring feature has been released for open beta testing. During the beta phase, the feature is only available in the Postman Web application (not available in desktop Apps).

  • Can we create a uptime monitor for API endpoint which require authentication? If yes, can you please let me know the process with steps?