Hotelbeds Group relies on Postman Pro for real-time API collaboration


Hotelbeds Group is the world’s number one bedbank and a business-to-business (B2B) provider to the global travel industry. Their platform is supported by APIs for tour operators, travel agencies, corporate clients, and app developers.

Their proprietary technology books +27M rooms every year from its inventory of 120,000 properties in over 185 countries.

Headquartered in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Hotelbeds Group has grown to 6,150 employees located in Shanghai, Singapore, Hamburg, and Palma de Mallorca. The Group’s proprietary technology helps providers of travel services distribute their offering to travel sellers globally via an easy-to-use, advanced technology platform that increases reach, revenue and yield for both the provider and the seller. They are a Java shop and provide APIs to manage content, cache pricing and availability, and complete the booking process for hotel rooms and travel-related activities.

Shared collections in the Team Library to sync updates

The team relies on the Postman Pro Team Library to sync updates to their API endpoint. This is especially important when developing new features for the API. During the development process, an engineer will share a Postman collection containing the updates.

The lead engineer provides permission to view or edit the collection to various team members who then subscribe to the collection. The team can review and test the changes, providing feedback, and keep track of updates through the live activity feed. The product group can continue updating the endpoints in real time, and the business group can get familiar with the new feature before it’s deployed to production.

Manage environments for every stage of development

Once the API updates are finalized, the team relies on shared Postman environment templates to manage their configuration parameters and access tokens at every subsequent stage of development, from local to test to production.

Easy onboarding for partners

Embedded in their APItude developer portal, the Run in Postman button allows partner developers to begin working in the Hotelbeds Group’s sandbox in a matter of minutes. Clicking the button imports the Postman collection and corresponding environment. Once the API secret and key is updated, they’re ready to begin exploring live endpoints, organized neatly into folders for each sample workflow.

Resolve and catalog bugs

If a client is reporting an error, the support team will reproduce it using Postman, concisely communicating the scenario, so that developers can test it right away.

The developers use a Postman collection to maintain a history of the work that is completed. The bugs are cataloged in folders so they can quickly reference any of the resolved bugs for related issues.

I use Postman daily. In my role of API Evangelist nothing is more important than to have an easy way to demonstrate the capabilities of our API to our clients and offer them a simple and trustful method to let them test it, and Postman is the tool best suited for the task.

Bruno Rodríguez De Bobes, API Evangelist


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