Generate Postman Collections from New Relic services


Today, more than 25 million people around the world use the Postman API Platform. As this number only grows, we’re focused on helping the new generation of developers onboard to Postman as quickly and easily as possible. For Postman’s engineering team, this means that we’re supporting more and more data sources to take this mission forward. With the latest release, we are excited to announce New Relic as a data source for importing collections into your Postman workspace.

How does it work?

1. To use the New Relic import flow, go to ImportSelect New Relic from the action bar of the dialog:

gif of generate postman collections from New Relic

2. Once you enter your New Relic API key, press Next. The dialog will show a multi-select dropdown listing all the services in New Relic:

gif of dialogue

3. You can also configure the import settings to enable request grouping:

gif of grouping

4. When you click Import, your service will be imported as a collection:

gif of importing collection

We believe that this will help you bootstrap your collections fast. Stay tuned for more news as we work on adding support to generate payloads for the imported request soon.

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