Download our brand-new mobile game, “Postman: API-First Journey”


Today, we’re proud to present Postman: API-First Journey, a game for Android and iOS that combines our twin passions of software development and gaming. This mobile game has been a year in the making, and we’re delighted to finally share it with you.

Stories offer a powerful way to visualize worlds, and at Postman we are always looking for new ways to share our story. In 2021, we published our graphic novel, The API-First World, detailing our vision to help create 100 million developers. We love that it resonated with you.

This time, we wanted to create a more immersive experience. And being ardent fans of video games, we naturally looked to the gaming industry for inspiration. Check out this quick video preview of what we came up with:

The story of Postman: API-First Journey

The game is set in the world of mismanaged API processes. Play as our endearing Postmanaut, who’s struggling to build software in the monolith. Using Postman tools, you navigate this broken world, travel through the Cloud, and finally reach the API-First World. Along the way, you collect APIs that make you powerful on your journey to API-First.

Game features

  • Three rich worlds that are inspired by software development
  • Postman power-ups that let you destroy bugs, avoid obstacles, and even fly
  • Beautiful visuals and animations
Scenes from Postman’s new mobile game
Scenes from Postman: API-First Journey

Why we created a mobile game

Interactive storytelling

We connect to a story’s characters and their world when we’re able to control them through our actions in a game.

Postman: API-First Journey portrays the problems found in software development, from gnarly bugs disrupting code to gaps in development and processes that make development a nightmare. 

Creating a whole world in a game was a great way to set up a visual library that players can relate to and recognize. It was also a chance to reach into our brand and pull in all the imagery that represents Postman and the developer community.

A fun experience

Our north star when building the game was to make it fun—we wanted anyone to be able to play and have a good time. Ultimately, we had a blast working on this project, and now we hope it’s just as enjoyable for you to play.

Ideation and concept sketches from the mobile game, Postman: API-First Journey
Ideation and concept sketches of the Postman: API-First Journey mobile game

Where to find the game

Postman: API-First Journey is now available for mobile devices only. Download it today on your phone or tablet from the IOS App Store or Play Store.

Get your gaming on, and let us know how far you get in this new world in a comment below!

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4 thoughts on “Download our brand-new mobile game, “Postman: API-First Journey”


    This is so cool. Very “out-of-the-box” way of teaching about software development and, more specifically, the importance of APIs. Oh, and it’s very fun as well! Great work team!


    Is there any API for the game? 😉


    Good idea. But it shouldn’t be harder than migrating from monolithic to microservices.


    This is great fun, been playing it the last couple of days. Visually excellent and great sound design and music too.