Deploying Postman at Enterprise Scale


Managing multiple users, their devices, and the applications installed on these devices is no easy task for IT and system administrators. While companies use solutions like EMM (enterprise mobility management) or MAM (mobile application management) to help manage this complexity, it has not been easy or straightforward to integrate Postman’s desktop app with these solutions—until now.

The new Postman Enterprise App

Postman Enterprise Application is a new variant of Postman’s desktop application that offers new controls and capabilities to help deploy Postman at enterprise scale. This new app is available as an MSI package for Windows and supports silent installation, system-wide installation, and additional configurations to control how and where Postman is installed on the device.

EMM integration and version governance

Postman Enterprise App’s MSI installer is an industry-standard distributable and integrates with all EMM providers. Just download the specific version of Postman you would like to deploy in your organization, upload it to your EMM solution, and install the app or push critical updates or patches directly to your users’ devices.

Getting Started

Postman Enterprise App is now available in private beta for all our enterprise teams and we look forward to helping you get set up to successfully deploy the new app in your organization. To enroll in the private beta program, reach out to your Postman account manager or write to us at


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