Custom HTTP Methods == More Flexibility and Autonomy


With the release of Postman 6.5, we want to give the Postman community more flexibility and control over their API development – which is why we’re excited to announce that we’re releasing custom HTTP methods in Postman!

Postman users will now be able to add or create custom methods, and also have the option to save these methods to use again in the future. Users can personalize their instance of Postman, by adding or removing methods of their choosing. These new methods will supplement the default list of methods included with Postman.

Catch you later cURL

We’ve received a lot of requests for custom HTTP methods from our community over the years (thank you for your patience, we ❤️ you). We’ve been growing a lot as a company and we’re excited to finally bring this feature (and many more community requested features) to the Postman app before the end of 2018 and beyond.

Rather than adding methods to the default Postman list on a case-by case basis, we decided to give our users the freedom and autonomy to add or create their own custom methods and better incorporate Postman into their workflow. The release of custom methods will support users and teams who work with services and methods not already included in our extensive (but not exhaustive) HTTP methods list.

If you’ve been forced to work in cURL instead of Postman because of a missing method, you’re in luck! Now, when you’re interacting with a service that requires an unsupported verb, like REPORT, you can add it directly to Postman as a custom HTTP method, and use Postman to make your requests.

To use custom methods, make sure you’re on version 6.5.0 or higher. Not sure how to update Postman? Check out our docs.

Adding and saving custom methods

To add and save a custom method:

  1. Click the method dropdown menu, you’ll see the method name highlighted
  2. Start typing the name of your new custom method
  3. You have the option to either save your new method, or send a request without saving it  
How to add and save a custom HTTP method in Postman.
How to add and save a custom HTTP method in Postman.

Deleting default methods

There are 15 HTTP methods that come default with the Postman app. It might be that you use six of them, and the other nine are just taking up space in your instance of Postman. With Postman 6.5, you can clean up your view and remove methods that don’t serve you. To delete default methods:

  1. Click the methods dropdown menu
  2. Hover over the method(s) you’d like to remove
  3. Click the trashcan icon, a confirmation will pop up
  4. Click “Delete”, and that’s it!
How to delete a default HTTP method in Postman.
How to delete a default HTTP method in Postman.

We hope the addition of custom HTTP methods will make your lives easier and add more flexibility and functionality to your API development workflow with Postman. Stay posted for more community requested features coming soon!


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