Created a Killer Collection? Share it with Postman’s 5+ million developers, via a Template


Ever write a super cool Postman collection, to address a pain point that you’re sure other developers face? Or, start writing a collection to solve something, and find yourself thinking: surely someone has already done this? In either case, a Postman template can help.

Postman templates are example collections that are available from right within your Postman instance:

View of Templates tab
Click on the “New” button in Postman, and go to the Templates tab

Here’s where you can see any of the templates already published. This is where you can place that great collection you created, or look for a collection that might help you out.

Publishing a Postman Template

If you have a great collection that you want to share, you want to publish a Postman template. Here’s how to do that, which will make the template available to all of the 5+ million developers who use Postman. (You’ll be famous!) For this example, we be publishing a collection that we use at Postman nearly every day – to equitably share the job of loading and unloading the dishwasher. If you want to know how that collection works, you can read all the details about how it works on this blog.

Here’s the collection, named “Dishwasher Duty”, shown within the Postman app:

Postman collection
Publishing the Dishwasher Duty Collection

Click on the ellipsis (…) next to the collection. Once we click “Publish Docs”, we go to the screen where we can publish the documentation for the collection as well as the template.

Sharing your collection
Choose API Network or Templates for your collection

Once we choose to “Add to Postman Templates”, we can add some display information for our template.

Once we publish the collection, it is viewable under Templates in the modal that appears when you press the New button inside the Postman app.

Using a Postman Template

The second application of Postman Templates is before you’ve written code – maybe you want an example or starting point. A Postman Template is the perfect place to start.

From the Postman app, click the orange New button, go to the Templates tab and select whichever template you would like to use.

Depending on the published template, some customizations might be available. Below is a screenshot of one of our most popular templates – the Link Checker collection. It allow you to check that the links on a website are working—you specify the website to check, and the frequency with which you want to check the link correctness.

So please get started! Share a useful collection, or use an existing template. The more that the Postman community shares, the more useful Templates will be for everyone.


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