Community Spotlight: Praveen Mathew


At Postman, we value all of our innovative and enthusiastic users around the globe, and we wouldn’t be able to keep improving our API platform without hearing directly from them. With our incredible community of more than 17 million developers continuing to grow, this Community Spotlight series introduces some of the stars in our Postman user community who help keep the world of APIs connected and on its toes. In this post, meet Praveen Mathew.

Postman Community Spotlight
Praveen Mathew
Dublin, Ireland

Postman Community Forum:
Stack Overflow: @PDHIDE

Member Since
November 2020

Test Automation Engineer


LinkedIn, Medium

Member Stats
Praveen has been the top user answering Postman-related questions on Stack Overflow since starting in October 2019, answering 100 questions to date. Praveen also became a Postman Student Expert in November 2020.

“I am a person who believes your start determines how long you can run, and I am glad that I’ve been surrounded by highly passionate and inspiring individuals who always amaze and motivate me with their eagerness for learning and their passion for work. Being an open-source advocator, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and explaining complex topics in simple terms. Taking up an open-source project and contributing to it through bug reporting or pull requests helps me provide back to the community and improve my coding skills. Answering community questions improves my debugging skills and presents me with new challenges that might not have come up in my own project yet. This way I can be ready to address the problem when it arises in my project, rather than waiting to search for a solution only after the problem arises.”

You can read more of Praveen’s thoughts on Medium, where he even writes about using Postman.

If you want to interact with other interesting API folks like Praveen, we’ve got just the place for you. The Postman Community forum is a welcoming place to openly ask questions and share API experiences. Join the conversation: You can check out what’s being discussed and become a member here.

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