Community Spotlight: Pranav Davar


At Postman, we value all of our innovative and enthusiastic users around the globe, and we wouldn’t be able to keep improving our API platform without hearing directly from them. With our incredible community of more than 17 million developers continuing to grow, this Community Spotlight series introduces some of the stars in our Postman user community who help keep the world of APIs connected and on its toes. In this post, meet Pranav Davar.

Postman Community Spotlight
Pranav Davar
Bangalore, India

Postman Community Forum Profile

Member Since
January 2021

Senior Associate Consultant



Member Stats
In his first three months since joining the Postman Community forum, Pranav has jumped in with 55 posts created and 1,800 posts read.

Pranav, who also encourages the community by giving “hearts” (our version of the “like” button) to show his support—and whose enthusiasm is well-noted and appreciated—explains how he got started on the forum and why he continues to be so active:

“Initially, I started coming to the forum to understand some new features and different viewpoints from fellow community members. Seeing community members helping and supporting one another inspired me to take up queries from other members. I learned a lot from the queries and started to correlate the different use cases that I worked with in the past and am currently working with. Some of the queries have even provided a good challenge and new learnings. Knowledge increases by sharing.”

If you want to interact with other interesting API folks like Pranav, we’ve got just the place for you. The Postman Community forum is a welcoming place to openly ask questions and share API experiences. Join the conversation: You can check out what’s being discussed and become a member here.

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