Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month


May is Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month in the US, and it’s when we honor the contributions, diverse cultures, and experiences of Asians and Pacific Islanders (or “APIs,” as some of us like to call ourselves at Postman). When it comes to Postman’s journey toward an API-first world, our founders are part of a long history of Asian and Pacific Islanders entrusting much of their aspirations in America, harnessing its entrepreneurial opportunities to prosper and pay it forward, while sharing their knowledge and culture.

Meet some “API” Postmanauts

Check out this video and the quotes below to see what some proud “API” Postmanauts have to share for AAPI Heritage Month and about how Postman fosters and supports belonging and inclusion.

Postman Customer Success Operations Analyst Melissa “Melly” Vergonio: “Postman celebrates diversity and advocates for it. In celebrating AAPI month, I feel seen and supported. Being part of a truly people-first culture not only energizes me but allows me to put my best self forward at the workplace.”


Postman Technical Enablement Architect Ruby Sattar: “I feel like the culture at Postman supports allowing great ideas to take center stage, regardless of any cultural or social background of the individuals sharing those ideas. Yet, the culture here fosters a sense of belonging through various public messaging and initiatives to support diverse communities. Not only are we included, but we’re also celebrated.”


Postman Lead Product Designer Carl Thomas: “Postman is always actively looking to enable and empower all employees. This has been done through recent work to showcase our unique cultures, as well as what makes us who we are. These efforts help form a stronger company and co-working network through mutual respect and insights.”


Postman Talent Management Leader JoNelle Sood: “Postman celebrates our diverse workforce and it makes me feel comfortable being who I am at work and sharing my culture with others.”


Postman Technical Recruiter Ryan Ahmed: “I love that Postman encourages individual participation in building and promoting a very inclusive and welcoming culture.”

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