Announcing Postman 7.1


We’re excited to announce the launch of the newest version of Postman! Postman 7.1, available now, includes the ability to create APIs directly within the app. This addition places the API in its own tab, at the center of the Postman user experience, as a first-class element in the development workflow. This new release of Postman also includes schema support and editing,  API versioning, and version tagging. Now, every aspect of API development, from designing a schema to building out test suites and generating live documentation, can be completed start-to-finish without leaving the Postman app.

Why a dedicated API abstraction now? Since Postman launched in 2012, we have been listening intently to our users about their API development workflow problems, along with the solutions that they have adopted using Postman. We realized that while there are lots of things people use Postman for, they also need a specific starting point and a clear workflow to guide them through the process of building an amazing API.

Also, we recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to API workflows. Postman aims to fit into your workflow the way you build APIs. We envision that Postman will eventually integrate and work seamlessly with your internal systems as well as industry standard tools. We have already integrated our OpenAPI and RAML editors, and we expect to release GraphQL soon. We have many more things in the works! To reflect that this is a work in progress, we are marking the API tab as a “Beta” feature. We welcome your feedback in helping us making this better.

We are confident that version 7.1 is fully tested and robust, and ready for production use. However, we also understand that we can’t test this as widely as our community can, so we are releasing the API feature under the BETA label for our customers to experiment with. The BETA denotes that we expect to make iterative improvements to the feature, as we get feedback from customers. We hope to learn from everything you do with 7.1!

So please download the latest app and start working with it, or read this blog post with a complete overview of the new features. If you find something you’d like to report – a bug or suggestion – please let us know by submitting a GitHub issue.

Postman is providing the tools you and your organization need to step into the API-first paradigm. We’d love to hear your thoughts on our latest release, so let us know.





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