Announcing GitLab Support in the Postman API Platform


The Postman API Platform released last September brought in all-new capabilities around API management. Developer workflows that center around code repositories on GitHub or Bitbucket can be integrated with API workflows in Postman. I’m happy to announce that we now have support for GitLab too. You can link APIs in Postman to your GitLab (on-prem versions of GitLab are only supported on our Enterprise plan, linking to cloud deployments is available for everyone). The integration is available for your teams on the web, and on the Postman desktop app (versions 9.3.0 and up).

One of our blog posts last year described API-first—the new development model where applications are conceptualized and built as an interconnection of internal and external services through APIs. API-first companies are more productive, can deliver higher-quality products, and are able to build a strong ecosystem of partners and third-party developers. The new Postman API Platform enables teams to transition to and operate in the API-first paradigm, with collaborative tools for the entire API lifecycle.

One key component of the API platform is a new integration with version control systems. In addition to GitHub and Bitbucket, we now also support GitLab, which should enable a wider set of users to leverage the API platform. A guide on getting started with the new workflows can be found in this previous blog post. This integration enables your API definition (in OpenAPI, for example) and multiple collections (that are linked to your API) to be synced from and pushed to a backing repository. The schema/collections can coexist with the source code in your repository, and branching workflows that your team might already be using can also be followed in Postman.

Feel free to give it a go and reach out for any feedback that you have, or issues faced during adoption.

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