In this tutorial, I will guide you on how you can use Postman’s proxy feature to inspect HTTP communication going out from your phone. All you need to get started is your computer and mobile connected to the same local wireless network.

Step 1: Open Proxy Settings in Postman Mac App

Keep a note of the port mentioned in the Proxy Settings. In my case, I am keeping it to the default port 5555. As a start you should set the target in the proxy dialog box to “History.” This will cause all your requests to be captured and stored in the History sidebar panel.

Step 2: Take a note of your computer’s IP address

On OSX, it is inside System Preferences > Network. In my case, the IP address of my Macbook is

Step 3: Configure HTTP Proxy on your mobile device

Open Wireless Settings of your mobile device and update the configuration of the wireless connection to use HTTP Proxy. Set the IP address to your computer’s IP you found in second step and the port from what you set in Postman in first step.

I am using an iPhone and I set the proxy IP address to and port 5555.

You are all set!

Now head over to your app or browser and you will notice the network calls listed in your Postman App’s history sidebar. In the following screenshot, you will notice that I opened from Safari on my iPhone and I could see all the requests made by the browser in my Postman sidebar!

If you want to discuss more about Postman Proxy—how it works or what more you can do with it, join our Postman Community.