We are continuing to roll out features that help augment and automate what developers are doing when working with APIs in Postman, incrementally providing them with new superpowers to be faster and have more control during API development. With the recent release of Postman v7.29, autocomplete is now part of the editor tab for both pre-request and test scripts—we’ve added autocomplete for Node.js, Node.js modules, and the pm.* functions. This evolution brings more integrated development environment (IDE) functionality into Postman, making it easier to craft the script you need to manipulate the request, then automate and test each response returned.

Node.js autocomplete

The pre-request and test script editors for any request, folder, or collection will now autocomplete JavaScript for you, helping you more efficiently write scripts to automate and work with API requests and responses.

JavaScript language is now at your fingertips

It can be difficult to remember every JavaScript command you will need while scripting in Postman, and Node.js autocomplete will save you some trips to Stack Overflow to find what you need to work with each API request and response.

Node.js modules autocomplete

Along with the core Node.js autocomplete, Postman has added autocomplete for the Node.js modules that are included as part of the Postman Sandbox, extending what you can do with JavaScript when working with requests and responses.

Node.js modules are now accessible as you type

The Postman Sandbox provides a variety of Node modules to put to work, while still ensuring that malicious code isn’t executed as part of each collection run. Developers can be more efficient in their scripting, while also keeping things secure.

Global pm.* functions autocomplete

The pm object encloses all information pertaining to the script being executed and allows one to access a copy of the request being sent or the response received, as well as the ability to get and set environment and global variables. All of these functions are also now available as autocomplete within the pre-request and test script editors, for developers to use while automating and working with requests and responses:

Autocomplete for pm.* functions opens up the surface area of each API request and response orchestration before and after each collection, folder, or request is executed as part of a runner or monitor.

How autocomplete helps

Adding in autocomplete for Node.js, Node.js modules, and the pm.* functions is all about improving developer speed and accuracy. Developers now have the ability to recall every capability available to them via the Postman platform for automating, orchestrating, and chaining API requests together.

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