As APIs become more important to modern businesses—and as the number of people working with APIs on any company’s team increases—the need for easier collaboration during API development also increases. Not only is the idea of API-first development gaining momentum, there is a wider variety of roles and new developers working on APIs today (read more about who works with APIs here). This means that seamless communication is essential. Postman’s engineering team is continuously addressing this need by implementing helpful collaboration features to both our web and desktop versions.

In this blog post, we’ll show how we’ve recently optimized the comments function for better collaboration.

Postman users have already been utilizing our commenting feature for a while now, leaving comments on APIs, collections, and requests. And you can tag your collaborators in the comment to notify them of a question or feedback. While this has proven great in helping teams collaborate thus far, we’ve been receiving requests to take it even further and provide the ability to comment within specific parts of the request. We’re excited to share that we’ve built this function so that you can now leave inline comments.

Today, inline comments ensure that collaborators leave and see questions or feedback in the right context. Less confusion means greater accuracy and efficiency.

You can now add comments in these specific parts of a request:

  • Request parameters (query parameters, path parameters, headers, request bodies of type form-data, and x-www-form-urlencoded)
  • Specific part of a raw body, a pre-request script, or a test script
An example of adding an inline comment to a test script in Postman

Here are some scenarios in which inline comments help:

  • When you are helping to debug a request for a team member and want to point them to a particular part of the request so that they can change it
  • When you are unable to get the correct response of an API and want to ask a team member to take a look and debug the request
  • When you are reviewing the documentation of an API and want to comment on specific parts of the documentation to suggest changes
  • When you are reviewing a PR in Postman and want to comment on specific changes so that the author can correct mistakes

This new ability to conveniently leave inline comments and tag team members in specific parts of a request enables clearer communication, saves developers time, and helps teams avoid mistakes.

Try out the new inline commenting feature and let us know what you think in a comment below. You can also give product feedback through our Community forum and GitHub repository.