As we know, variables in Postman are first-class citizens. Today, we’re announcing two key features to make your workflow around variables as easy as one-two-three! This is something our users have been asking for quite some time now, so saying that we are happy to finally have this in the Postman app would definitely sound like an understatement. 

Autocomplete for variables

In most areas within the request builder (e.g. URL, params, headers, body), type an open curly bracket to bring up the autocomplete menu. For the pre-request script and tests sections, which use the ace-editor, entering the first letter of a variable triggers the autocomplete. The autocomplete menu contains a list of all the variables in the current environment followed by global variables.

Oh, and there’s more! Scrolling through the list also shows the current value and scope for each variable, along with a note about overridden variables.

Variable highlighting and tooltips on hover

Variables are highlighted in orange, with unresolved variables highlighted in red color for maximum prominence and visibility. Hovering over a variable displays a tooltip with the variable’s current value and scope. If a variable is unresolved, i.e., it does not have a value in the current environment, the tooltip calls it out.

These features are out on our Canary build, and will hit our stable builds in early March. Latest Canary builds are available for OSX (x64) / Windows (x86 or x64) / Linux (x86 or x64) / ChromeGo ahead, download and let us know what you think.

Postman has been and will always be a developer first product. Building new features while keeping the interface simple and a delight to use is something we strive for each day. We can imagine the productivity boost these features will provide, but would love to hear from our users about their experiences and get lots of feedback. We are continuously listening to you across Twitter, Github, Slack and our support channels!