We are excited to have you on our Team Sync beta. This is a quick walkthrough of the team part of Postman Team Sync. Using the rest of the features of the app is identical to v3.0.

Download the team sync beta app

This beta runs on a separate app. You will need to install this app. Using the invite link that you received in your mail, signup to create a team.

Adding users to your team

Click on your username –> Manage Profile on the top right of the app.

This will take you to your profile page on postman. Click on “Team” to go to your team page.

This is your team page. Here is where you can update your team details and add new team members. Alternatively you can get this page directly with this link – https://beta.getpostman.com/profile/teams

Click on “Invite Members”.

In the modal that opens up, enter email address of all your team members. They will receive and invite to join your team.

Adding a collection to the team library

To add a collection to the team library, (1) click on share button(next to each collection), which opens up a modal window. This modal is similar to the one that we had earlier but with an extra ‘Team sharing’ option.

(2) Tick checkbox ‘Read only’ if you want to make the collection read only for other team members. (3) Click on ‘share’ button under ‘Team Sharing’.

Read Only – What it means : When you create a read-only collection, your team mates can subscribe to it, but they cannot edit it. Any changes that you(owner) make propagates to all its subscribers instantly. They cannot save requests or add new request to the collection or update the collection documentation. They can however create a duplicate copy of the same and make changes to it.

On an editable collection, the changes made by your team member, propagates to the owner as well as other subscribers of the collection.

Subscribing to a collection

Click on “API Library” on the top of the app.

This page shows your team’s collections. It shows all the collections that you have shared with the team as well as collections shared by your team mates.

Find the collection that you want to subscribe to and click on subscribe.


Team Sync is available as part of Postman Cloud in production now. If you are a Postman account holder on www.postman.com/, you can log in and purchase the upgrade. More details coming soon!