India’s Axis Bank Launches Postman Public Workspace

This a guest post written by Sameer Shetty, president and head of digital business and transformation at Axis Bank.

Axis Bank, India’s third-largest private-sector bank, has launched a Postman public workspace with collections to help developers by providing the tools they need to experience the power of Axis Bank’s APIs.

In each Postman Collection, APIs are structured at the bank’s product level. Drilling down on each product reveals featured use cases for different APIs. These examples help developers understand the complete flow of the APIs and the journey envisaged by Axis Bank, and they serve as a step-by-step handbook to ensure the APIs are easy to understand.

To begin with sandbox testing or user acceptance testing (UAT) of the APIs, you’ll need to register at the Axis Bank Developer Portal.

We’ve imported use cases for central know-your-customer (KYC), fixed deposit, video KYC savings account, corporate banking, and wholesale banking products. The workspace allows you to see how the APIs work, with the APIs currently in read-only mode:

Developers can explore example requests (API fields with sample values) and responses (success) for each API in the featured use cases by clicking on the arrow next to the request name:

This public workspace follows up our revamped Axis Bank Developer Portal that went live eight months ago. Its open APIs allow retail and corporate Axis Bank customers to use services integrated across partner platforms.

The API banking portal has a suite of more than 200 APIs across retail products like cards, deposits, accounts, and loans. There are also more than 60 corporate APIs across payments, trade, collections, bill payments, and cross-cutting APIs.

The corporate API product suite allows companies across e-commerce, food delivery, payment solutions, and other businesses to offer financial settlements and other secure financial transactions from their own ERP platforms.

Guided by the developer experience

After the APIs were launched, we wanted to create the best experience for our developer community, which is growing every day. That meant helping developers effectively understand, use, and integrate Axis Bank APIs into their workflows and systems.

When working with APIs, the developer experience is key. We created our Postman public workspace with a set of collections to enable developers to get hands-on with Axis Bank’s APIs soon after release. But it’s not the end, and we can’t wait to add more to our collection and iterate.

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